Sex Injuries Among Middle-Aged Men Are Rising – Here’s Why

According to osteopath Steven Mackinde, clinical director of a balance clinic in London, approximately 80 percent of the injuries unrelated to sports that are treated by osteopaths are caused by sexual activities. In addition, sex injuries among middle-aged men are on the rise, increasing fourfold in half a decade.

Sex injuries: new report

What’s behind this rise in sex injuries? It does not necessarily have to do with an increase in sexual activity, but rather that men are more willing to admit to the cause behind their doctor or clinic visit, said Mackinde. Even though it is understandable why some men might be hesitant or embarrassed to their doctor or therapist how their injury occurred, Mackinde emphasized that “Honesty can make the difference between someone being treated for two to three weeks, or being treated just once or twice to completely resolve a condition.”

He also emphasized that healthcare providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and massage therapists need to completely understand how an injury occurred so their therapeutic approach fits the situation and rehab can be done properly. “That’s the secret,” he said, “particularly in complex cases.”

The conditions osteopaths are seeing mostly among middle-aged men (but some women as well) include wrist fractures, neck injuries, back problems, hernias, and ankle sprains. As for the activity that precipitates these injuries, the number one candidate is slipping in the shower during sex.

The sex injuries themselves vary from straining the adductor muscles in the pelvic area (resulting in a hernia) to back spasms that cause the facet joint to lock, sciatic pain, blown disc prolapses, and simple fractures of the wrist.

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Sex injuries: earlier report

In 2010, a UK survey of 1,000 adults found that one third of respondents had experienced a sex-related injury. The majority of these injuries occurred while couples were engaged in sex in nontraditional situations, such as in closets, on stairs, on tables, in the shower, or when trying new sexual positions. In this study, the most common sex injuries involved pulled muscles, followed by back injuries, carpet burns, and neck strains.

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